Maryland Loan Modification Process Abound with Potential Pitfalls

The foreclosure process in Maryland is governed by strict guidelines and timetables. Homeowners who unwittingly miss these deadlines or fail to meet governing guidelines may find their chances of obtaining a favorable modification significantly diminished if not completely eliminated.

An experienced Maryland Loan Modification attorney can guide you through the process of negotiating a modification with your servicer. If you are in danger of defaulting on your mortgage or if you have already defaulted and are now facing foreclosure, do not delay.  

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Loan Modifications and Foreclosure Mediation
The prospect of losing a home to foreclosure is one of the most emotionally and financial challenging experiences that a family can go through. Despite the fact that there are many programs and incentives currently available to assist homeowners in avoiding foreclosure, banks continue to refuse to provide qualified applicants with much needed loss mitigation options.  Many Maryland homeowners are coming to the conclusion that seeking modifications or attending foreclosure mediation without the assistance of a Maryland modification attorney can be a futile exercise.

Our firm has the experience and the knowledge of applicable laws and regulations that provide homeowners with valuable leverage in the loss mitigation discussions and negotiations with servicer. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Maryland Foreclosure Mediation

The Maryland Foreclosure Mediation Law permits homeowners to request a face to face meeting with the lender and an independent mediator prior to a foreclosure sale to further ensure that alternatives to foreclosure have been considered and evaluated.  

The law is meant to assist homeowners avoid foreclosure. Unfortunately, lenders and their attorneys do not always take the process seriously particularly when the homeowner is not represented by counsel. An experienced Maryland Foreclosure Mediation attorney can improve a homeowner's chances of success at mediation by invoking the governing laws and regulations and helping the homeowner prepare a compelling argument for modification.

Do not delay in requesting and preparing for foreclosure mediation. Our firm offers flexible payment options including low fixed fees for representation at mediation.

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